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Past and Present Clients


From the very beginning, it's been my mission to help individuals and organizations reach their goals. Have a peek at some of the people I've had the pleasure of supporting!


Senior Hub

The mission of The Senior Hub is to advance the quality of life for older adults through advocacy, community partnerships, and a variety of direct services planned to sustain an independent, healthy aging experience.

Senior Hub hired me to direct their annual Holiday Initiative event to organize volunteers, pack and deliver over 500 food-staple boxes to Meals on Wheels clients as well as holiday gifts. It was critical to mobilize the volunteers, stage the areas to pack, and deliver the boxes to clients before inclement weather struck.

Supply chain challenges and the impacts of the pandemic made this project unusual. However, we were able to recruit the volunteers we needed and deliver the meals to homebound clients. 

Engineer in Factory

Aya Foundation

Aya Foundation is a community foundation and is "leading an Economic Revolution by creating a vibrant community of Black entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders". 

 I was hired to support the foundation as a start-up, create grant making focus areas, construct the framework for donor advised funds, and strategic planning thought partnership.



GroovyTek takes a personalized approach to familiarizing their clients with their technology in a respectful and empowering approach- to get folks comfortable with using their technology and devices.
Recognizing they wanted to work with a segment of the population that could not afford their services, they hired me to lead and start their non-profit entity, GroovyGives.

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