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So nice to meet you! I'm Lisa, founder of LS Ventures. Not many can say they're a Colorado-native anymore - so it's pretty dope that I get to call this beautiful state home. Even more special is my family background; as a daughter of a Guyanese immigrant, wife, mommy, lupus fighter (hello to any fellow spoonies out there), fashion enthusiast and lover of palm trees- there are plenty sides for me explore in life which makes each day exciting! And with just one clever quip or offbeat melody? Well let’s just say things somehow always manage to stay interesting.

Whether I'm using my detective-like skills to solve crime mysteries on the couch with my husband or getting creative while building Legos with my son, it's important for me to create an impact in both small and large ways. With a passion for forming meaningful relationships that are built on trust, I strive towards uniting individuals, grant seekers & makers and corporations alike - all so we can work together!

With an eye for the bigger picture, I strive to get beneath the surface and identify solutions that will create a lasting impact. Whether it's through philanthropy or working with corporations - or even just crafting client experiences – my ultimate goal is simple: bring growth, build the relationship, and shake up conventional thinking along the way.

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